How to recognise and care for oily skin

Oily skin types can be a little bit of hard work! They look shinier than other skin types and pores can appear enlarged (a bit like the skin of an orange). Often, they might have breakouts and blemishes but not always. All this might not sound very desirable but, actually, when is properly cared for

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How to recognise and care for normal skin

Normal skin has balanced levels of moisture and oil. It looks soft, moist and has a healthy glow and colour. It has a fine texture and there are no open pores or fine lines caused by dehydration. The best example is the skin in children. Older people who once had oily skin may also have it (the

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Do you know your skin type?

The first step to choose skin care and makeup is to know your skin type. Over the years I have found that many people don´t know theirs and they buy unsuitable products. Skin is divided into three types – normal, oily and dry. Somebody with combination skin has more than one type, for example, an oily T-zone and normal cheeks.

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