Tips to make the most of your wedding makeup trial

If you are getting married you might be looking or will look for a makeup artist to help you on you wedding day. If that is the case, here are some tips to make the most of your trial:

Do you know what type of look you would like to go for? Knowing your ideas and taste is a great start. Flick through magazines, look up photos on the internet or Pinterest and bring them with you.

Your dress and hair. If you have photos or your wedding dress and hair style you are going for bring them with you too. The make up should complement the rest of the look.

Natural vs glam looks. The best advice is to go for whatever you feel comfortable with. If you tend to wear little makeup in your day to day,  your wedding day might not be the best time to go for a dramatic look. Equally, if you love wearing red lipstick, why not go for it?

Products you love. If there are any products that you love and would like to use on you wedding day, like a particular lipstick or an eyeshadow, let your makeup artist know

Allergies. If you are allergic, even slightly, to anything let you makeup artist know in advance so they can avoid products that contain those ingredients.

What to wear. If possible, wear a top close to your wedding dress colour so you get a good idea or how the makeup looks with it.

Very important! Be honest. If there is anything that you don´t like, say it. Trials are to test and change things until you are happy.

Take  some photos. Some makeup artists will take photos to show you how the makeup looks in photos. If they don´t , just take a quick one yourself to make sure you are happy.

Leave the makeup on for a while. If you see anything that you don´t like, doesn´t wear well or does not last as it should let you makeup artist know and, if needed, do another trial. For example, after my trial the foundation that was used on me caked quite badly in some areas and I had  to have a second trial.

I hope this has been useful, and have fun!

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