Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics seem to be getting more and more popular. I started to get curious about them a long time ago and what convinced me to try them was buying a L´Oréal cream. After using it for a few weeks I noticed that it didn´t deliver anything it promised and my skin was worse. Apart from that, I can only describe its smell as “chemical”, not pleasant at all.

After that, I thought that there had to be an alternative to traditional cosmetics that offered more natural active ingredients. I started searching and I found that there are many good brands . I won´t give up traditional cosmetics completely, there are very good ones, but I have started to switch when I find a natural alternative that performs well.

I am not an expert in natural cosmetics by any means but, in this section, I would like to give you my honest opinion about the different products that I have started to try.

Below I´ve included an explanation about what natural cosmetics are and a list of brands that are promoted as being natural but are not.

What are natural cosmetics?

There is not an approved definition at international or European level, but I found a good one in the econatural cosmetic guide for professionals:

Natural cosmetics are those that – amongst other aspects – are not tested in animals, use production methods that respect the environment, use eco packaging and have a minimum of 90% of natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin (translated from newspaper La Vanguardia).

Natural products have a high percentage of natural active ingredients vs synthetic ones – used to keep the products fresh and to add bulk e.g. emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives and stabilisers. This is one of the reasons why natural cosmetics might be a bit more expensive than traditional ones, although not as much as high end traditional brands.

Some brands promoted as natural that are not

Misleading promotion is something that bothers me in any product. The brands mentioned below have great products but they are simply not natural or not as much as they would like consumers to believe:

Apivita, Aveda, Biologique Recherche, Bottega Verde, Clarins, L´Occitane, Mondeconatur, The Body Shop, Origins e Yves Rocher.

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