Brands I always have around – La Rose-Posay

I like changing my skincare often and trying new products but I always have La Rose-Posay moisturisers and cleansers.

My skin is sensitive and often it gets dehydrated, especially during winter, and I have mild roseacea. If you have sensitive skin as well, I recommend that you try this brand if you haven’t done it yet!

What I like about the brand is that it doesn’t contain parabens, its hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (it won’t clog your pores) they have very few but effective ingredients and very little fragrance. A part from all this, a big plus is that it widely available, prices are reasonable and the packaging is light, easy to store and bring on trips. I also have it in my kit because I know it will suit everyone.

Below I have reviewed a few products I have used a lot from the lines Effaclar and Rosaliac. If you have used any others, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

Effaclar H
I love this moisturiser, one of the best I have ever tested. It is light and nourishing, perfect for oily, dehydrated skin. The official description says that it helps the skin recover after using hash products or harsh weather by providing the lipids it has lost and help to recover the natural mantel that protects our skin and I can confirm it does just that.
It is perfect to use as a makeup base and a little goes a long way. You definitely don’t need to use a big amount of this product.

Effaclar Range

Effaclar Matt
If you are looking for a moisturiser that leaves a matt finish, this is the one. As well as Effaclar H it is very moisturising and it really dries matt, leaving a velvety look. I only have one but to this product – it flakes a bit if you try to put foundation on top.
I love using it when I am doing a minimal makeup using just powder over it, a bit of mascara and lip gloss but If I am doing a more elaborate makeup, I tend go for Effaclar H.

Effaclar Purifying Gleansing Gel
This is my staple cleanser for morning and night. It really works to get makeup off quick.

Rosaliac AR Intense, Serum

I have mild rosacea in my cheeks and chin. I have creams that the doctor has given me but I use them only when I really need them because they contain antibiotics. The rest of the time I tend to use this serum morning and night under my moisturiser and it does help to keep the redness and little spots at bay.

Rosaliac Antiredness moisturiser
This is the one product I have tested that I haven’t been able to use. I got a tester in the pharmacy to use together with the serum and treat my rosacea but I only used it once because I found it far to rich for me. I felt that it didn’t sink in properly and just sat there on my skin. I think it would be lovely for a combination or dry skin but not for an oily skin.



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