Do you know your skin type?

The first step to choose skin care and makeup is to know your skin type. Over the years I have found that many people don´t know theirs and they buy unsuitable products.

Skin is divided into three types – normal, oily and dry. Somebody with combination skin has more than one type, for example, an oily T-zone and normal cheeks. Skin types can change over time. For example, oily skin might become dryer as it ages because the oil glands become less active. When you detect changes ideally check with a beauty therapist, it might be time to change your skincare.

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Dry and dehydrated skin are two very different things that I think often get confused and can result in buying unsuitable productsDryness is caused by a lack of oil and dehydration by a lack of water. We need both to have a healthy, balanced skin. For example, it is very common for oily skin to become dehydrated, especially in winter. The recommendation in this case would be to use products that regulate oil but are very hydrating.


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